Hello Purple Army, we know it seems that the world has turned upside down at the moment and with the abrupt end to the 2019/20 season, we’ll all be missing our hockey, sport in general and our regular lives.

So with that in mind, we’ve come up with a bit of an idea, how do you fancy that we stream a #ClanClassic game THIS SATURDAY night at 7pm and we all watch it together?

So get the beers in, get your gin, your wine, drinks for the kids, we’ll all get together, hotdogs and Haribo out and just pretend it’s happening live!

C’mon Purple Army lets just crack on as normal. We think we might get a good result too!

We’ve selected the game, so watch the Glasgow Clan v Sheffield Steelers game THIS SATURDAY from 7:00pm.


You can watch the game AS LIVE on our official Youtube Channel HERE.

50/50 DRAW (sponsored by The Cathouse)

Tickets for Saturday’s The Cathouse 50/50 draw can be purchased NOW online HERE. The winning ticket number will receive an email and announced on Clan social media after 9pm (on Saturday 21st March 2020).

SHIRT OFF THE BACK DRAW (sponsored by Creation IP)

To have a chance of winning an #11 Matt Haywood purple signed authentic jersey, you can NOW buy your Creation IP Shirt off the Back tickets HERE. The winning ticket will receive an email and be announced on Clan social media after 9pm (on Saturday 21st March 2020).


The merchandise stall will be open during the #ClanClassics game vs Sheffield. Click HERE to view our fantastic range.


We can’t sell you any virtual hotdogs, nachos, beer or soft drinks – that’s up to you. Also due to health & safety implications, we wouldn’t be selling Chuck-a-Puck’s. We wouldn’t recommend throwing pucks at your TV, laptop, tablet screen.