VESTY COMPETITION: Purple Army, pick your favourite

May 15, 2023

We’ve received your excellent Vesty designs and now it’s time for the Purple Army to pick your favourite one as we whittle the entries down.

Firstly, we want to thank you for the countless entries we’ve received so far and as always, Clan fans love to show off their creative talents.

But the time has come to select your preferred choice, where the winner’s design will be adorning these popular Vesty’s during the summer.

We gave you the opportunity to design for all three – the purple, white and alternate jerseys – and you haven’t disappointed with some excellent looks being put forward.

Now it’s down to you to decide which one gets your vote.

Linked here are the four designs in each category – Purple, White and Alternate – and all you need to do is pick your particular favourite, where you have until THIS FRIDAY to do so.

The best polled design from each category will be the respective winners and that design will be carried on to the Vesty.

It’s simple – vote for your favourite so make sure you take part to have your say in our new Vesty jersey design.

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