NEWS: Stevenson ready for final push

March 31, 2023

Aspray Glasgow West sponsored Glasgow Clan associate coach Dyson Stevenson admits he’s thought of every possible scenario as his team prepare for their final push for the play-offs.

Clan finish the regular season with a trip to Sheffield Steelers on Saturday looking for at least a point that will see them get over the line and into the top eight.

But Stevenson insists he doesn’t want to find himself in a situation where they’re looking to see what Fife Flyers, the other team in this two-way battle for eighth, are doing.

“We’re in a situation where we want to get to Sheffield, get the points and not have to worry about what Fife are doing in their game,” he said.

“I won’t lie.  I’ve thought a lot about the possible situations that could come up and obviously, the one I don’t want is the one where it carries over into Sunday and we have to see how Fife do against Guildford.

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“Sheffield are going to come out strong so we have to have it in our minds that we don’t want to have to worry about other things.

“We have a chance to choose our own destiny.  We’ve gone through so many ups and downs and in the last game, you want to throw everything on the line.”

Stevenson looked back at last Saturday’s 8-5 home loss to Nottingham Panthers and reckons it was a missed opportunity to get the job done.

But is buoyed by his team’s last visit to Sheffield, a game they won 4-2 back in January as they look to finish the regular season in style.

(PHOTO: Al Goold)

“That game was a missed opportunity for us last week and it was a game we felt we could have had.  At 5-5 after the first two periods, I thought we had a good chance,” he added.

“While we didn’t play well in the periods, there were flashes where we did show what we could do. However we let ourselves down.

“But we feel good and know that we can win in Sheffield.  We won there before and it was the result that helped to turn our season around.

“It’s a team we know we can beat, but on the other hand, they have a very skilled line-up so we have to be prepared for that while tightening up our back end after last week’s loss to Nottingham.”

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