FEATURE: Buesa’s starring role

January 1, 2022

We all enjoy a hockey movie from time to time, whether it’s ‘Miracle’, ‘Goon’, ‘Slapshot’ or even ‘Mighty Ducks’, but one in particular holds special relevance for Glasgow Clan.

While we all know about Commercial Director Gerry McLaughlin’s life as an actor, with shows such as Burnistoun and Still Game on his CV, not many will know our own #12 Jordan Buesa has had his own brush in that profession.

in the summer of 2018, the forward was in Toronto for a hockey school, topping up his skills after leaving Clan for Fife Flyers that summer. What he didn’t expect was to play a significant role in a movie.

“The Last Big Save”, now available to watch on Amazon Prime, is one that’s perhaps slipped by ice hockey movie fans, but it’s out there, featuring Buesa, who appeared with Daniel Baldwin, one of the Baldwin brothers, of course and former NHL and KHL star Alexei Yashin.

Buesa looked back on a night he’ll never forget as he combined being an ice hockey player with the life of an actor, even if it was for a few hours.

“When I was in Canada two summers ago, I went over for a hockey school and there was a family I stayed with over there,” he said.

“This film was being made and they were needing extras. It so happens the family I was staying with knew the producer and the director of the film and he was able to help get me on, which was pretty cool.

“I didn’t expect much to be honest. I was asked to be at the rink for 7pm and we got changed and kitted up. We were sitting in the changing rooms for hours while the actors went over their scenes and their lines.

“In the movie, I got an assist on an Alexei Yashin goal, which you actually see in the final cut. It was a really cool experience and something not too many people can say.

“The whole thing was done in a night, but after thinking it would only take an hour or two, we didn’t get finished until midnight or so and I had to be up again at 7am for my hockey school. I guess that’s the life of showbiz.”

Buesa recalls hanging out with Daniel Baldwin, But the whole experience of seeing a movie being made first hand really opened his eyes to the film-making industry and revealed the reaction when the cast had a Scottish ice hockey player in their midsts.

He added: “That night really gave me an insight I never expected. It was a real eye-opener and one I’m pleased to have been involved with in my own way.

“I wasn’t expecting much from it. I just expected to skate around a bit and do a few little things, but when you watch it back, you can see me clearly. I was quite taken aback by it.

“They were also a bit surprised to find a Scottish guy over there playing ice hockey as well, but they were good people and I’m delighted to get the chance to be involved in something like that.

“I got to hang out with Daniel Baldwin, one of the Baldwin brothers and I remember around that time, his niece, Hailey, got engaged to Justin Bieber so the guys were joking with him about getting invited to the wedding.

“Since then, I’ve been waiting on the call from the Hollywood producers, but nothing as yet so I’ll need to keep playing professionally for now.”

The Last Big Save is available to watch now on Amazon Prime.

Article reproduced with kind permission of British Ice Hockey

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