10 Game Ticket


10 GAME TICKET: Pay for 9 Games, get 10th free!

We are delighted to offer fans 10 Game tickets, saving you money and giving you flexibility to what games you chose to attend.

After purchasing the 10 game ticket, contact us – tickets@clanihc.com and advise what games you would like to attend. You can spread this across 10 separate games or can purchase 2 tickets for 5 games etc.


1.after purchasing the 10 game ticket, then contact tickets@clanihc.com to advise what games you wish to attend.
2. you can use your 10 game ticket across 10 separate games, or purchase 2 tickets in 5 games etc
3. at checkout you can specify your preferred seat(s) we will provide those seats if available or seats as close to them as possible
4. each 10 game ticket is banding specific. If you purchase a Silver game ticket, we can only provide Silver section Seats
5. if you purchase a 16 & Under 10 game ticket, you can only purchase 10 x 16 & Under game tickets, if you require another age group you will need to pay the difference
6. you do not have to chose all games in one go
7. Individual game tickets are subject to availability, please give us as much notice as possible to prevent disappointment!