Dear Purple Army,

After taking a week to reflect on our season, I wanted to share my thoughts with you all on what the experience was like for me in my 1st year in Glasgow.

Sometimes a hockey season can move fast, sometimes slow. This year it was both. Training camp was both a grind and a blur, the travel to Dumfries and Auchenharvie was tough on our guys and made for long days, but I felt it made us come together more as a group, especially with all the challenges and hurdles we were facing.

Things were going at a rapid pace and then Covid hit the Clan in December. That stretch of about 18 days seemed like it took forever, especially being housebound with Big Red. We had lots of ups and downs this season, but I am confident in saying our group rose to the occasion with most of our big matches, and played their best hockey down the stretch when it mattered most.

I want to thank our group of players that had to endure living in 2 different spots this season, battling through such a compact schedule, the long travel we faced, battling through Covid, and being patient through the whole process as we move this club forward.

The hockey staff, that put in such long hours, Big Red, Kirsty, Horse, Liam and Stan. Our great team of Doctors that are so passionate about the Clan and assisted us in so many ways.

The Clan office staff for helping in so many ways, keeping me organized, pointing me the right direction and helping things run so smoothly (Christine, Rebecca, Courtney, Kevin, Ross, Zander).

A big thanks to the Clan Management team (Neil, Gareth, Gerry) for their support, in knowing when a coach needs encouragement and when a grumpy coach needs to be left alone.

A big thank you to all our sponsors, without your support we wouldn’t be able to run this team and have the resources to compete.

A special thank you to our fans, many of whom I have had the pleasure to meet on a personal basis. It was an honour and privilege to battle for you each and every night. The positive support you showed both at home and on the road was exceptional and certainly unlike any other I have ever been a part of.

Our fans are true hockey fans as I witnessed down in Nottingham last weekend. I was so overwhelmed with the love you showed my son Brett at our games, the experience he shared with you all will last a lifetime. Especially the drums, flags and the banner with my picture on it.

The OSC, best is the EIHL, no debate. To Roddie and his special group, thanks so much for your support, time and financial commitment, I am so impressed by all the OSC does, their kind hearts at Christmas when we were stuck inside and the lovely packages you delivered to keep us going.

Just an amazing experience, and the beautiful country in which you all live was such a treat to enjoy, see and experience. It’s hard to believe this was just year 1.

Thank you all, see you in 2022/23.

Malcolm Cameron