Hi Purple Army,

Now that the dust has slightly settled following the weekend and I’ve had a little time to reflect – what a ride it has been over the past 6 months!

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their superb support during the 2021/22 season, it goes without saying you are all an absolute credit to the club and have once again been magnificent this season.

Whether in Cardiff or at Braehead Arena, the support and atmosphere over the past weekend was electric and the whole organisation is disappointed we couldn’t provide you with a playoff finals appearance you all deserve.

This time last year we had just launched our #ClanForTheFuture campaign, the future of Braehead Arena was uncertain and we didn’t even know if we were able to ice a team this season.

Exactly twelve months on, we have secured the future of our home for the next 20 years, and despite a late start, delay after delay, the upheaval of Covid in December and January, having to play 30 home games in only 18 weeks, 54 league games in 22 weeks, I am very proud of what WE (Malcolm, our players, my staff, volunteers, OSC and the Purple Army) have achieved.

Thank you to Malcolm, the players, their families, the club & Arena staff, our loyal volunteers, our fantastic OSC and superb sponsors for all your support this season.

Enjoy your summer, I am sure like me you’re looking forward to an exciting summer and our return to Braehead Arena in the autumn.

Gareth Chalmers
Managing Director
Glasgow Clan & Braehead Arena