Even though it’s not quite the same as being at Braehead Arena, you can still enjoy a little bit of the game night experience by entering our Creation IP ‘Shirt off the Back’ raffle!

THIS SUNDAY you have 3 CHANCES to be the first owner of a 2021 Socckey Shirt with a Purple, a Black and a White Socckey Shirt up for grabs!

Tickets are available to purchase on the Raffall website HERE and are priced at ONLY £1.00 each.

The Shirt off the Back draw will be made at 9:00pm on Sunday night with the winner announced on CLAN TWITTER and CLAN FACEBOOK

If you win, the jersey will be sent to you via post at the earliest possible time.

Tickets cost £1.00 each and you can purchase as many as you wish. Remember, the more tickets you purchase, the more you increase your chances of winning!