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Time is running out to secure an Official Player Sponsorship with the Glasgow Clan with only two packages left for the exciting upcoming 2018/19 season.

For only £1,500 + VAT, you can be entered into the draw for an Official Player Sponsorship package.

For only £3,000 + VAT you can pre-empt the draw and select your choice of player.

The following personnel/players have already been claimed, but the rest of the 2018/19 roster will currently be going into this week’s draw.

Pete Russell – Lexus Scotland

– Zack Fitzgerald – Living be Robertson

– Mac Howlett – Glasgow Caledonian University

– Tyson Wilson – Glasgow Caledonian University

– Matt Haywood – Action Coach

– Liam Heelis – xpand UK

– Jack Muzil – Parkdean Resorts

– Clangus – Cross Check Clothing

Contact Gerry McLaughlin now via or by calling 0141 886 6459 now to secure a very special sponsorship experience.