Aspray Glasgow West sponsored Glasgow Clan defenceman Mitch Jones says the team are going to Sheffield Steelers on Wednesday in confident mood.

A midweek trip to take on Aaron Fox’s side awaits the Clan on the back of four straight victories that has catapulted them to sixth in the Premier Sports Elite League standings.

And Jones reckons it’s time they stop letting opponents back in during the third period, especially after how they lost 3-2 to Sheffield Steelers before Christmas.

“It’s been going well,” he said. “Everybody’s positive and enjoying themselves and the atmosphere’s fun so we hope to keep that rolling going in this week.

“There’s always confidence whenever you win a game or four games so it’s important we keep thriving off it, keep doing what works for us as a team and we can hopefully keep the streak going.

“We lost in Sheffield in overtime just before Christmas after giving up a lead late on and those are tough to take.  You work as hard as we did for 59 minutes then in that one minute, you can lose a game.

“Our third periods have seen other teams come back in the past, but on Sunday, we managed to get it over the line although Panthers did score that late goal.

“It’s been a common theme in the past, but hopefully we can put that behind us and start closing out games.”

Jones has settled into life in the UK well, with 13 points in 14 games and six points in the last four games.

But he’s quick to point out that it’s not only him who’s reaping the benefits of the recent good run.

“It’s good when you have a good group in the room with you who enjoy coming to the rink and going on bus trips,” he added.

“It’s not me who’s doing well right now.  The whole team are doing well, from Starrett in goals to Roy, where everyone knows what he’s been doing.

“It’s affecting everyone and it’s been working for us in the last few games so I hope we can keep that going for us the rest of the year.”

Photos by Al Goold