Aspray Glasgow West sponsored Glasgow Clan forward Matt Haywood admits he’s champing at the bit to get back to work, but has been ticking himself over.

With the other nine Elite League teams a few weeks into the season, Clan are still on the sidelines competitively until Saturday 6th November when Fife Flyers visit Braehead Arena.

But Matt has kept tabs on former team-mates and watching what’s going on as he counts the days down until training camp.

“It’s starting to get real that we’re on the way back, but I have to admit, the other teams playing are making me realise how much I miss it,” he said.

“I’m starting to champ at the bit to get going again so I’m pleased we’ve not got that long to wait before we are preparing for the new season.

“I’m counting the days done and the stuff on the Clan website, looking back at the old games, has been keeping me going.

“It’s also nice to see some old friends playing and doing well in the meantime, I’m excited to be getting back to work.”

Haywood, the last of the original players that made up the first Clan team in 2010, has been very interested in the players all coming in under new coach Malcolm Cameron.

And he’s looking forward to being part of a team he reckons that will suit him down to the ground.

“We’re looking good on paper and it’s got the perfect recipe to be a good unit,” he added. “I’m sure the type of guys I’ve heard these players are, it’s going to gel quickly and that will be half the battle.

“Already, you have a tight unit and you’re ready to go to war with them.  I’m really looking forward to meeting them when they arrive.

“Hearing the coach speak so enthusiastically is a good thing and the style he wants to play suits me nicely.

“It’s hard working, high energy, nitty gritty and that’s how I like a team to play and I think it’s something the fans will really get behind.”