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The Glasgow Clan are delighted to confirm that we have recently become members of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

Founded in 1783, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce is one the oldest Chamber in the English speaking world.

Following our rebrand from Braehead to Glasgow last summer, the club have been working hard to further build relations with the Glasgow business community.

Clan Chief Operating Officer Gareth Chalmers commented:

“We are delighted to become a member of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and are looking forward to working with them to grow our corporate presence in Glasgow.

“Part of the strategic focus of the rebrand last summer was not only to make the Clan more prominent in Europe and North America, but also the city of Glasgow itself.

“It’s imperative we continue to grow the Clan off the ice, as that will only further compliment the ambitions of the club on the ice.”

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Commercial Director, Susan McKay commented:

“We are pleased to welcome The Glasgow Clan into membership of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and look forward to supporting their ambitions as they continue to grow the club locally within the Glasgow business community and internationally.”

For further information of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce visit their website here: