Aspray Glasgow Clan Chief Operating Officer Gareth Chalmers has welcomed the news that communications with Global Mutual have entered a constructive and positive phase, with confirmation that focus will turn to preparing the club for a potential new season.

With the EIHL recently announcing their intention to play a 2021/22 season, Chalmers said the club will make the appointment of a head coach it’s priority.

“Following an extremely difficult past fifteen months, it’s very positive that there is potential light at the end of the tunnel.

“To ensure we can hit the ground running, our priority will be pursing potential head coach candidates and making an appointment well in advance of a new season.

“Our focus will also be on engaging our loyal season tickets holders and setting up the application process, so we can start preparing to welcome the Purple Army back to our home.

“It’s going to be an extremely busy time for the club, however an extremely exciting period as we look to build for the next decade of Clan hockey.”