Head Coach Pete Russell is sponsored by Lexus Glasgow.

Another week goes past and in my eyes we took more steps forward in the process and found higher levels in our performances.

We had a good week of practice at Auchenharvie and we prepared for the two different challenges we were going to face.

Our defensive game was good all weekend and we gave ourselves a chance to win both games and against two top teams. That’s a great sign, but of course we couldn’t find the four point weekend but we came up against a very hot netminder in Fullerton on Sunday and needed that little bit of puck luck to fall our way. It didn’t, but it will when we need it most!

The guys are really starting to play Clan Hockey and day by day I see more of what I want from them, but not taking anything away their natural ability’s and skills. I want a offensively ruthless group who are relentless. These guys have first the attitude, fitness, character, passion and skill sets to being this identity, and they will to a higher level each week.

All our game analytics show areas of progression and our plus / minus stats are very interesting. I’d like to personally thank the OSC for sponsoring the club further which has allowed us to invest in a great analytics and video system that helps the players and myself in individual and team situations to achieve higher levels but also see so many positive aspects of our game. It’s so valuable and many thanks to the OSC and their members.

We are a group of guys who are on the road everyday together whether it’s practice or a game. It’s a tight group, but no matter how tight the group is we still can’t wait to come home and get really going in front of the Purple Army. They are a pleasure to be around and great people – we have a solid vibe and guys are smiling.

Last point to the travelling supporters – again you were superb in Nottingham and Guildford. Very long trips but as always you are willing to clock up the miles to support us. We will always do all we can and thank you to you all.

Enjoy the weekend in Coventry and Cardiff!