Hi Purple Army,

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

It has been a very difficult and testing period for everyone since the 2019/20 season prematurely finished back in March. It has certainly been the most challenging 6 months in the club’s history, and we’ve had to learn quickly and adapt to the ever changing situation that has threatened the future of the club on a daily basis. Now that there are sporting test events going on throughout the UK, we are starting to see some glimmer of hope for the Clan and the EIHL as a whole.

Taking into account the current situation here and our reliance on the UK and Scottish government providing us with positive news for attendances at sporting events, I have already advised all of our players under contract to start investigating and pursuing alternative opportunities if they intend to play during 2020/21. This wasn’t an easy decision as I really like the core that we were building and the calibre of player we had lined up for the new season, however ultimately we have to take into account the personal situations of our players and like everyone else they need to be given the best opportunity to make a living during these difficult times.

Like everyone else, we’ve still got our fingers crossed for the projected December start, however when you take into account we’re now in September and we’re still dealing with local lockdowns, ice rinks and Arena’s still not being open – it’s looking increasingly difficult. All of the EIHL Board of Directors have agreed a date of the 15th September for a final date on whether we can start in December. If a 2020/21 season were not to materialise, the Clan, along with all other 9 EIHL clubs, are committed to a 2021/22 season.

On a positive note, it was great to see the news of new multi million pound investment at intu Braehead (read HERE). Following intu’s announcement that they had slipped into administration, it has been a very arduous period for everyone at Braehead. Our biggest concern has been and continues to be the future of Braehead Arena, this has been the biggest single threat to the future of the Clan and over the past 6 months we have had regular contact with the senior management team at the Arena. Where hockey clubs like ourselves can almost go into hibernation for a period of time, the subsequent lockdown and socially distancing measures have severely effected indoor venues like Braehead Arena. The Coronavirus’ effect on our teams homes continues to be the single biggest threat in the modern era of professional ice hockey in the UK. Without these fantastic facilities, we don’t have anywhere to play and ultimately we don’t have the hockey clubs we all love and support.

While there doesn’t seem to be a lot going on at the moment, I would highly encourage everyone to continue buying 50/50 tickets, Shirt off the Back tickets, Merchandise as this is our sole income right now. Thank you to everyone who continues to do this on a weekly basis, it’s highly appreciated. Like most other clubs, we still have overheads and bills to pay, so every single penny helps get us through this difficult period.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our fantastic, fans, sponsors and volunteers for their patience with everything that is going on. Like myself, I am sure you are all very frustrated and can’t wait until we can start watching our team again, rest assured we are working flat out to protect the Glasgow Clan, do what’s best for club and continuing to plan for various outcomes.

Thanks for your continued support!