#CLANCLASSICS: Join us for our latest Clan Classics stream THIS SATURDAY, as derby action vs the Fife Flyers returns to your screens from the 2016/17 season. 

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Hi Purple Army,

I hope everyone continues to stay safe and well during these extraordinary times!

I just wanted to keep everyone up to date with what is happening at the club currently. I appreciate everyone will be eager for positive news. Rest assured there continues to be a lot of discussions, planning and deliberating going on at the club with the ever developing situation with the world we’re now living in.

As I mentioned in my last blog, the focus remains the health and well-being of our staff, players, sponsors and fantastic fans in any decision making.

At EIHL level, we the board, continue to have weekly conference calls on a Tuesday, and like everyone else, we continue to analyse, discuss and plan for various different scenarios.


In my last blog I mentioned that we were planning to launch 2020/21 season ticket packages very soon. After much deliberation, I have decided to delay season ticket sales for the immediate future. To explain the reason for this, come the start of the new season, no one currently knows how we’ll be looking for social distancing in terms of whether we’ll actually be in a position to have 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 fans etc etc in an indoor Arena.

It’s currently not beneficial for the club or you as the fans to go through the season ticket process and ultimately the seat allocation process. We don’t know if we’ll be able to have people sitting seat by seat in Braehead, what maximum attendances we’ll be able to have in the building, how entry and exit access will work, whether we’ll need to continue to stay 2 metres apart, we need clear clarification from the relevant authorities before we can proceed any further forward.

Rest assured, once we believe we’re in a clearer position to open season ticket sales and start allocating seating, we’ll let the Purple Army know straight away. That could be early June, that could be as late as 8 weeks before the new season, but we’ll only go live when we’re more confident with the bigger picture.


Ever since I joined the Clan, the lack of a home game night webcasting service has season after season been a controversial point with Clan and opposition fanbases. I understand and appreciate both sides of the argument. Like most other clubs, the vast majority of our income is generated from season tickets and match night ticket sales. With that in mind, the club’s focus historically has been to protect it’s core income stream while also maintaining the extremely important 50/50, Shirt off the Back, merchandise etc revenue streams. We want people in our building, creating an electric atmosphere, buying 50/50 tickets, buying Shirt off the Back tickets, buying merchandise etc etc.

With webcasting, up until now, I believe that has been a major threat to that income. One person coming to a Clan game at Braehead as an example could possibly spend £18 on a ticket, spend £10 on 50/50 & Shirt off the Back tickets and £50 on merchandise. One person sitting at home watching a webcast could pay £10 or £15, have an additional 1, 2 or 3+ people watching that webcast and not buying any 50/50, Shirt off the Back tickets or merchandise.

However, in the current and post Coronavirus climate it’s becoming very apparent that all sporting organisations are going to have to adapt furthermore to digital demand. With that in mind, we are already initially planning to webcast our home games during the new season. It’s absolutely imperative we adapt to the current situation and provide fans with an alternative option for watching the Clan that you will feel safe and comfortable with.

The #ClanClassics games have been a major positive recently, fantastic viewing figures, while we’ve also adapted to the further digitalisation of 50/50 draws, Shirt off the Back draws and vastly improved post season online merchandise sales. In a world of turmoil, there are plenty of positives coming out of the situation.

As I’ve said recently, it’s an important period for the club to analyse, plan and adapt to an ever changing world!


Just further to my previous blog, our discussions are ongoing with possible head coaching options. We’ve highlighted A number of possible candidates and discussions are ongoing. Obviously the whole Coronavirus situation is inevitably going to delay an appointment and announcement for the new season. We have a number of issues we need to take in account, being how long visas will take, will flights be available into the UK, how quarantine may work, when training camp can start etc etc – there’s a lot brainstorming and deliberation going on at the moment.

Around the hockey world, on the whole, player transactions are currently on hold.

I appreciate this may concern you, however rest assured, we have various plans for various outcomes. We are continuing to talk to the possible candidates about the options for returning players and new player targets. I am talking to players and agents on a daily basis, so we’re already way way ahead with provisional plans for the new season.

Please stay safe, stay healthy, we can’t wait to see you all back at Braehead Arena.