Making You Safe

Inline with all other major indoor venues across the United Kingdom, Braehead Arena have the following Covid safety measures in place to prioritise the health and wellbeing of everyone that visits the venue.

To gain entry to a Glasgow Clan game you maybe asked to show proof of your vaccine status via the NHS Scotland COVID Status App or a downloadable printed copy, have a negative test result carried out in the previous 36 hours or proof of a natural immunity by way of a positive PCR test up to 180 days ago. Spot checks will be in place so please be prepared to do so on request. For more information click HERE.

The following exemptions apply:

Under 18’s

Participants in vaccine trials

People who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons (you maybe asked to provide a medical exemption certificate).

Visitors from the rest of the UK – and the broader Common Travel Area (including Republic of Ireland) – will be able to use their existing Covid Status apps and paper-based certificates to gain entry to relevant venues in Scotland.

Visitors from outside of the UK – will be able to use their existing Covid Status apps and paper-based certificates from their country of origin.


Inline with Scottish Government advice, face coverings are mandatory while walking in the foyer and on the concourse. Face coverings are exempt while sitting watching the game, while eating, while drinking. Fans who wish to continue wearing face masks at all times while in the venue are encouraged to do so.


Sanitising stations are available throughout the venue for your use. We encourage visitors to sanitise their hands regularly.


Please act responsibly and be considerate to other visitors, giving them time and space where possible to move around, understanding we all have different needs.


Following Scottish Government advice, you should not attend a Clan home game if you have tested positive for COVID, are displaying symptoms or are required to self-isolate. Click HERE for more information on COVID symptoms.


Ahead of attending a Clan home game, we recommend that all fans take a rapid lateral flow test. Test are available HERE.


You may notice the venue feels a few degrees cooler than in previous years. This is because the air venting has been increased. This extra ventilation helps with the circulation of air in the building. Matters such as this are under daily review by the club and the venue will continue to assess the situation. We want fans to feel comfortable but we also want them to feel safe. The players will also prefer the cooler temperature because it improves the ice quality and lends itself to their skating and skill sets.


We have enhanced all cleaning throughout the venue before, during and after our home games. With focus on high touch point areas.


We are implementing new contactless payments at all point of sale positions (Bar, Merchandise, 50/50, Shirt off the Back etc).


Don’t worry if you forget some of these measures. We’ll be sending reminders with your tickets, via pre-game emails, signage in the venue and announcements during our home games.