Business Club


The Glasgow Clan Business Club (in association with xpand UK) is a concept which has the main principle of introducing our sponsors and their business partners to each other.

The CBC (Clan Business Club) provides an opportunity for our sponsors to promote their businesses and services to each other, and to encourage them and their guests to promote the Business Club members to others.

Joining xpand UK

There is no cost to join the Business Club, all costs are being financed directly by the Glasgow Clan with the aim of supporting and assisting local businesses to grow.Any businesses interested in attending a Business Club meeting, please feel free to email us.

Who are xpand UK?

At xpand UK & International (8 European countries, South Africa & Canada), it is their passion to support individuals, businesses and organisations to develop and grow in their potential, uniqueness and direction.

They have been doing this since 1987 with a special focus on Strategy Development, Leadership Training, Team Development and Coaching.

Their customer range includes start-ups & small businesses, Medium sized companies e.g. in Healthcare, Automotive, Banking and Manufacturing, as well as Global Corporates e.g. in Automotive & Aerospace.